Verified Seller Accounts

Become a Verified Seller with our Verified Seller Account service.

What are the benefits to upgrading to a Verified Seller Account?

Increase chances of success by offering reassurance to buyers:

  • Get a Verified Seller Account Icon  in your Profile and Member Directory Profile Card.
  • Get top-listed over non-VSA members in our Member Directory
  • Buyers can view your VSA icon to see that you have been prescreened by admins of HBHB on your qualifications or statements you claim in your ads. 
  • Spend less time having to reassure buyer in the correspondence process.
  • You can state in your ads that you are a VSA member.
  • Get access to reply to buyer ads listed on our site.

Verified Seller Account Requirements:

  • Provide one item from this list:
    * Your Facebook URL, Your Facebook account must be at least 1 year old and currently active.
    - OR -
    * Your most recent infectious diseases lab work dated no later than 12 months previous

    - OR -
    * Letter of clearance to be a breast milk donor by your doctor or surrogacy agency/agent. This can simply just be a letter or email letting me know you are a quality candidate of good health and disease-free for breast milk donation.
    Letter must contain contact information on company letter head and a signature  -or- can be an email sent directly from their company email; can be your surrogacy agent, family doctor, ob/gyn doctor, or midwife.
    - OR -

    * Screenshot of your confirmed PayPal payment clearly stating the payment is for breast milk and a tracking number or carrier receipt for proof of sending breast milk to recipient. 
  • For any listing of special diet consumption please include a photo of two most recent grocery receipts with at least 15 purchased food items -or-  a clearly visible photo of your food pantry or fridge food contents.

Verified Seller Account Pricing:

  • $25 FOREVER FREE UPGRADE SPECIAL *We require all VSA memberships to be reviewed every 12 months to offer a reasonable timeline of current VSA verification assurances to buyers. The fee helps to cover the time, cost, and effort involved for admins to review each VSA membership approval request. VSA members will get renewal reminders

You must already have an active Free HBHB Seller Member Account to apply. If you aren't a member feel free to join now.

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