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PayPal is the safest way to send and receive money for breast milk purchases, aside from cash. Feel free to watch our 'How-To Video' on creating a PayPal invoice for our visual walk through guide.

HBHB Create a PayPal Invoice For Buyers

• Why Use PayPal?
PayPal has a buyer/seller protection program that helps assure those sending and receiving money on the safety of their transaction.
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• Fees:
When PayPal is used there is a small service fee that will be charged to the seller taken from the payment made by the buyer.
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All PayPal fees should be included in the cost of the breast milk. Do not ask the buyer to pay any service fees on top of the shipping and breast milk cost.

• Create and send their PayPal invoice for full payment including all shipping costs.

Quote Example:
Breastmilk $2.00/oz @ 400oz = $800.00
Shipping Cooler = $20.00
 Dry Ice $1.49lb @ 5lbs =  $7.45
 2 Day UPS Ground Shipping = $50.00
 Total estimated cost = $877.45

You won't likely get the exact amount of shipping or dry ice costs; however, you should be close with in a few dollars if done correctly following my advice on, "HBHB Shipping Calculation Guide to Prepare Quotes For Buyers".

• Set Up Invoice: Seller should create an invoice after buyer agrees to their quote for breast milk. This would even be used if seller is donating the breast milk and buyer is simply paying for shipping. In that event the seller would list the cost of breast milk as $0.00 and then just add in the packaging and shipping charges.

When setting up invoice just put the buyer's email in the email spot, when you are finish you can just submit the invoice which will be emailed to them.

*Buyer does not have to have a PayPal account to make a payment. There is always a guest check out option that they can use and pay with a debit or credit card.

*Attachment: Attach lab work and/or any other private documents you are sharing with the buyer in the invoice for buyer to view prior to making payment.
For your safety do not share lab work etc.. with a potential buyer during correspondences with them. You only want to show these documents to serious buyers. The best way to achieve that is to inform them when sending their quote that if everything looks good you'll reply with their invoice and your labs will be attached in the invoice for them to review prior to completing payment.


• Shipping Information:
When the buyer receives their invoice they will be prompted to fill that out. It is important that the shipping information match where they want you to ship the package. If it doesn't, you have to refund their money and create a new invoice for them to pay and fill out. This is really not an issue as they typically will have the correct address.

To be on the safe side I state in the invoice that they confirm the shipping address is correct as that is where their package will be shipped per PayPal Purchase Protection Program Policy (No PO Boxes).

Wait for payment to clear before shipping package. It's important to check your PayPal account anyway to be on the safe side.

• Tracking Information:
This is very important. After you ship the package go to your PayPal account summery and find the line item of the invoice you sent that was paid by seller. There will be a link there that you can click to add the tracking number. Just click that and follow the instructions. Submit and done. Now PayPal has a record of the package shipped, the address it was shipped to, and when it was delivered.

If you still have any further questions or if I have missed something useful that should be included, please let us know!

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