Traveling on Plane with Breast Milk


Can you travel on an airplane with breast milk that's frozen or fresh? If it's frozen, can dry ice or ice packs be used to keep it frozen? Can you travel with breast milk even though you do not have a baby with you? Will you be able to have a carry-on bag, a purse, and your pump bag when you board the plane?



The answer is, Yes, to all. There are some rules that accompany the allowances you need to be aware of before travel. Please view my video on this subject under my, "How-to Videos" page.

Here are some helpful links direct from TSA and FAA. I recommend viewing the links on top of watching my video to get all the information you'll need. 

Traveling with Breast Milk:

Traveling with Dry Ice:

Traveling with gel or ice packs:

Traveling with Breast Pump:

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