Simple guide to breast milk payments and shipping

Collect Payment:
PayPal is the safest way to send and receive money for breast milk purchases, aside from cash.
When using PayPal you can use your personal account and collect payments using the convenient invoice option.

Be sure to collect both payment for breast milk and shipping costs upfront. The only exception to collecting payment for shipping upfront is if buyer has an account with the carrier and has you use their account to create the label for shipment to be billed to them directly.

Shipping Breast Milk: 

  • Try to purchase shipping cooler/s in advance. This helps assure you know what the measurements are for shipping quotes and that you’re prepared for shipments wanted shipped as soon as the next day. Or check with local retailers on what they keep in stock for same day purchases. Learn more about 'Shipping Coolers'.
  • Pack cooler with breast milk, dry ice (or any choice method for keeping breast milk frozen.), insulate, tape box.
    * Write, “Dry Ice #lbs" and “Human Milk” in legible marker on outside of shipping box
    - This is required for all air shipments to avoid risk of delay on shipment or shipment from being stopped all together in transit not making it to the buyer due to not complying to safety requirements on the shipment.
    * Watch, 'How To Videos' for guide to packing a cooler.
    * Step-By-Step Seller Shipping Guide to packing a cooler.
    * Learn more about Using Dry Ice and how much to use
  • Ship your breast milk.
    * Shipping should be done Mon, Tues, or Wed to avoid shipment getting caught up in weekend shipping holds and delays. Thursday or Friday can be done if Saturday Delivery is available. Please use these days with caution. UPS now allows for Saturday deliveries on ground shipping. Check with UPS on the terms and conditions for this service.

    * Pick your shipping service. Learn more here
    - UPS is my preferred and recommended shipping service. UPS has an on-time money back guarantee.
    - View 'How-to-videos' for calculating shipping costs instructions.

    * Print buyer, or your, shipping account label and place on package
    -  At shipping hub location create shipping label if you do not have one already. UPS stores will create the shipping label for you.
    Make sure you let the shipper service know that your package contains dry ice and how much. Not doing so could result in your package being stopped in transit for inspection and even stopped altogether and you risk the breast milk spoiling by the time it arrives due to delays or never arriving to it's destination. 
    * Take photo of the receipt and email that to your buyer and update tracking number in the PayPal invoice
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