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Safety:[top of page]
 Local pick ups are common and a great option for those who want to save on shipping costs; this also makes things much easier for the seller and buyers. It’s important to follow safety guidelines when setting up any in person transactions.
* View the 'Shipping and Local Pick-Up Guide' at the bottom of this page for more information on local pick-up safety guidelines.

Payment methods you should never accept: Cashier Checks, Money Orders, Wire Transfers, and Checks. Be aware that you are taking a risk that those methods of payment will not clear by the bank once the bank realizes the payment was not able to be honored. The bank will reverse the funds out of your account and hold you liable for all charges incurred from fees etc… No exceptions should be made on accepting these payment methods for your own protection.

Acceptable payment methods: Cash, PayPal - PayPal has a reliable buyer/seller protection program and they protect both your and the buyers personal information. A buyer does not have to have a PayPal account to make a payment to you. You are both still covered under the PayPal Buyer/Seller Protection program, even if the buyer pays as a guest and is not a PayPal account holder. Learn more here.

• Shipping Service Scam; as safe as PayPal is there are always scammers out there who find tricks to scam someone. A PayPal scam to be aware of is where a buyer offers to pay more than your ad requests and they will want you to pay the additional amount in cash to them or someone else like a shipping service of their own. One way is they will take your cash then cancel the PayPal payment to you. Their "Delivery Service" company they refer to, not by company name instead just "shipping service", "courier service", or "delivery service," is not real. Please report any suspicious buyer emails to us through our contact form using the, 'Contact Us' link above.

Don’t give personal information in your ad or any correspondences. This includes phone number, primary email address, personal address, lab work, etc... A buyer can use the provided contact option in the email to reply to you. This is for your safety and to help keep you protected from spammers and scammers.

*Exceptions can be made for serious buyers who purchase breast milk from you. Those exceptions are made at your own risk based on you making your own informed decision.
**Lab work and other private documents:  The best way to provide those to verify your health and ability to be a donor is to inform buyer when sending their quote that if everything looks good you'll reply with their invoice and your documents will be attached in the invoice for them to review prior to completing payment.

We will never ask for your account password. If you receive any suspicious emails asking for your account information or password. Don’t click on any links or respond to that email. Forward it to so we can investigate further and let you know what we learn. Don't click on any links or respond to that email.

View our ' Email Sample' page to see samples of scammer emails to learn what to look for and avoid.

Listings: [top of page]

Write an ad that stands out and shows your shining points that moms like you are looking for in a seller. Remember moms are looking to buy from other moms who are much like their family's lifestyle so the breast milk won’t be a huge change for baby.

Post in the categories that relate to your lifestyle and breastmilk description. Feel free to post in multiple categories to get a higher reach of views. Use the Featured Ad section to increase your exposure and amount of views to an ad.

Let them know how you handle, store, package, and ship your breastmilk so that they can see if that is the same as or different from others. Example: "Frozen daily, 4oz, Nuk breast milk storage bags.Shipping UPS or USPS overnight. Packed with dry ice in frozen goods shipping coolers."

Be sure to include any notices - you only accept PayPal, won’t sell to men, no adult wet-nursing, etc….

You determine how much you're going to charge for your breastmilk and shipping. You’re also welcome to donate it freely too. For freely donated breast milk we do recommend that you ask for shipping cost to be paid by buyer so you know they are more likely using your breastmilk honestly.
** HBHB Blog Article: How much should I charge for breast milk?

Share the Love:[top of page]

Post your ad on your social media accounts and ask other’s to share it too. This will help bring more awareness to your listing and our site. The more people know about us the more buyers the site will have looking for sellers like you

Visit our Resource Blog, Facebook page, and website - then share the links using the share options provided. You’ll be helping other families looking to buy, sell, and donate breast milk with peace of mind.

Seller Responsibilities:[top of page]

Seller is responsible for safe delivery of breast milk and should be aware that shipping services such as UPS do not offer insurance protection for perishable goods. A buyer shouldn't be charged for any insurance costs as the seller is responsible to assure package is sent correctly and protected.

Buyers should not be asked to reimburse any seller fees to the seller. This includes any site fees, PayPal fees, shipping insurance, breast milk bags & pumping supplies, etc.. Those should be included in the cost of the breast milk, plus any other seller costs the seller incurs that are not consider an expectation of responsibility of the buyer.

Seller should have any documentation prior to listing an ad that a buyer may need to verify sellers ability to provide safe and clean breast milk.

Seller should be screened by their doctor and have lab work done to be sure they are infectious disease free.

Seller should follow all safety and health guidelines for pumping, storing, and shipping breast milk.

Tips on Communication with Buyer:[top of page]

Create an email just for selling on this site

Set up text or other notifications to notify you as soon as you get an email

Respond quickly as response time matters, you’re likely not the only seller a buyer has contacted

Response emails - *create a template email that you can just copy and paste to your email reply then just add any additional information needed. This will expedite your response time. View our 'Email Sample' page to see samples of seller template emails.

Remind them who you are in your response since chances are you are not the only donor the buyer has contacted.

Be professional, clear, and provide all necessary information upfront as possible in a easy to read format.

Ask for the amount of breastmilk they are interested in plus their shipping city, state and zip code so you can get their quote to them efficiently.

Explain how your process works in a easy to understand, professional manner. Use simple step-by-step method as much as possible, so they can feel comfortable knowing how this works. 

Thank them for their time. Tell them you look forward to hearing back from them and let them know you are willing to answer any questions or concerns they may have from you. You want to be an open book for them as they likely will have questions and you should be ready to help them        

Follow up emails are crucial in securing trust and a possible ongoing relationship. 

(Total Order Cost) Breast Milk Order Quote and Invoice/Payment:[top of page]

• After receiving the buyers order request insert order total quote either before or after your response to their questions. Putting it in a line item format makes it easier for the buyer to see exactly what they are paying for.

Breastmilk $2.00/oz @ 400oz = $800.00
Shipping Cooler = $20.00
 Dry Ice $1.49lb @ 5lbs =  $7.45
 2 Day UPS Ground Shipping = $50.00
 Total estimated cost = $877.45

Have buyers review your quote, reply to confirm, then you can send their invoice.

Create and send their PayPal invoice for full payment including all shipping costs. Attach any verifying documents (i.e. lab work) into the invoice, as explained in the safety section of this guide.  You won't likely get the exact amount of shipping or dry ice costs; however, you should be close with in a few dollars if done correctly following my advice on, "HBHB Shipping Calculation Guide to Prepare Quotes For Buyers".

Learn more about using PayPal here.

Email their tracking information and photo of their shipping receipt to them. Also, add the tracking information to their PayPal invoice.

Shipping and Local Pick-Up Guide:[top of page]

Shipping Steps:
* Please view our HBHB 'How to Video’s' to get detailed guidance

Check with UPS or your shipping service you will use for their cut-off times for dropping off shipments

Try to purchase shipping cooler/s in advance. This helps assure you know what the measurements are for shipping quotes and that you’re prepared for shipments wanted shipped as soon as the next day. Or check with local retailers on what they keep in stock for same day purchases. Learn more about 'Shipping Coolers'.

It’s important that you arrange for buyer or adult to be home for delivery to assure that the breast milk gets put in freezer as quickly as possible.

Shipping should be done Mon, Tues, or Wed to avoid shipment getting caught up in weekend shipping holds and delays. Thursday or Friday can be done if Saturday Delivery is available. Please use these days with caution. UPS now allows for Saturday deliveries on ground shipping. Check with UPS on the terms and conditions for this service.

Prepare shipment at least 2 hours in advance of shipment time to make sure you have plenty of time to properly pack and ship the package

Pick up dry ice from store. Use gloves when handling dry ice.
*Learn more about shipping with dry ice by going here. You can also view our 'how-to videos'.

Pack breastmilk into the cooler. If using ziplock bags to hold breast milk bags, make sure to squeeze out air and seal. Use crumpled newspaper or brown packing paper to fill in voids.

Put a flat layer of newspaper on top of top layer to prevent dry ice from touching the breastmilk as that can cause the bags to break open.

Put dry ice on the top, making sure to open the plastic bag some - if it's not already - so the dry ice can vent out and the cold air can travel through the cooler.

Properly tape up cooler and shipping box using proper heavy duty shipping tape making sure to leave some ventilation ability for the dry ice to prevent cooler from cracking then putting breastmilk at risk of spoiling

Write, “Dry Ice #lbs" and “Human Milk” in legible marker on outside of shipping box *this is required for all air shipments to avoid risk of delay on shipment or shipment from being stopped all together in transit not making it to the buyer due to not complying to safety requirements on the shipment.

Print buyer, or your, shipping account label and place on package *if available - At shipping hub location create shipping label if you do not have one already. UPS stores will create the shipping label for you.
* Make sure you let the shipper service know that your package contains dry ice and how much. Not doing so could result in your package being stopped in transit for inspection and even stopped altogether and you risk the breast milk spoiling by the time it arrives due to delays or never arriving to it's destination. 

Take photo of the receipt and email that to your buyer and update tracking number in the PayPal invoice

Always follow up with tracking information to make sure there are no shipping delays.

* UPS is my preferred and recommended shipping service. UPS has an on-time money back guarantee.

* View 'How-to-videos' for calculating shipping costs instructions.

Local Pick Ups:
When meeting people you don’t know, I recommend only meeting in person in a safe, open, public location with your husband or someone you can trust to accompany you. I recommend that moms send their husband with out them for any meet ups that are men only. Never meet alone or at your home. If they won’t agree, then don’t risk it. Pass on the sale.

• Pick a public, well used, and safe location for meeting up.

• Setup location, date, and time to meet

• If possible, have buyer bring their own cooler to transfer breastmilk into

• For small orders and fresh breastmilk put large ice pack(s) in cooler to help keep cold. You can also put the cooler into the chest freezer to extend the cooling time in the cooler itself during transit.

Collect payment in cash, do not use PayPal for local pick up.


If you still have any further questions or if I have missed something useful that should be included, please let us know!

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