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Sit back, relax, and enjoy our instructional videos designed for those who are like me and prefer to view what is being explained.

Are you comfy? Good... with baby in hand and popcorn in the other.. or maybe a nice cold breast milk popsicle for baby and a fruit pop for you - you can get started. We hope you will enjoy the videos and that we answer all your questions successfully!

HBHB Create a PayPal Invoice For Buyers

HBHB Shipping Calculation Guide to Prepare Quotes For Buyers

Bagging, Labeling, and Freezing Breast Milk

Packing and Shipping Breast Milk

Create a shipping weight estimate for breast milk shipment

Shipping boxes with previous shipping labels

Thaw and Serve Breast Milk

Traveling on Airplanes with Breast Milk Fresh & Frozen, Dry Ice too

How I clean pump equipment, store, and freeze breast milk

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