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Temple, Texas
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Colostrum, transitional milk, and Breast milk ready to go in my freezer! I have 7 gallon bags of milk, this includes colostrum and transitional milk. Each gallon bag has 10 kiinde bags of milk, each filled to the 6 Oz line. So each gallon bag has 50-60 ounces of milk! Totaling 350-420 ounces. I am continuously adding to the stash so I will have more milk available!

Milk is from July only.
My baby is a month old.
No medicines that aren’t BF approved. Took iron for 4 days PP, Tylenol for 4 days PP, baby aspirin, I regularly take prenatal and sunflower letichin.
Willing to ship at owners expense.
Will get labs done at owners expense but I was cleared with labs while pregnant!
Willing to sell to women, men, and babies!
$2 an ounce for regular milk. $3 an ounce for colostrum and transitional milk.
No diet restrictions. Maybe one cup of a coffee a week. High protein and fruit diet.

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