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West Valley City, Utah
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I am a 21 y/o healthy mother of two. My baby is almost 4 months old and EBF. She is big, happy, and thriving. She is 21 pounds and was 10 lbs 9 oz at birth.
I am now willing to part with some of my freezer stash. I have over a thousand ounces pumped from December-Present. Milk is stored in 2-6 oz bags. Breasts have began regulating to babies needs but I still pump 9-12 extra oz. a day.
I am currently taking prenatals and vitamin D to meet me and my babies needs.

I am willing to ship for extra. $2.00 an ounce for babies or $5.00 an ounce for others. Willing to negotiate 100+ oz.

No adult wet nursing, no pictures or videos, no checks, and no scams. I sign into my PayPal account to check balance before shipping. If you can not pay via PayPal then do not reply.

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