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Charleston, South Carolina
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Hi! I’m a young & healthy first time mom selling my excess breastmilk to help afford maternity leave with my miracle baby boy! I was deemed infertile until God stepped in and showed us up. I produce much more milk than my chunky boy needs, so I’m hoping to provide for another sweet baby while affording more time at home.

I have never smoked or experimented with drugs. I do not drink alcohol. My diet consists of strictly water and BodyArmor drinks. I eat gluten and lactose free, although cross contamination may occur. Prenatal vitamins are the only medications I take. I workout everyday!

Breast pump used- Spectra s2. Parts are washed with Young Living Thieves dish soap and hot steamy water after every single use. I sterilize in the evenings. Fresh milk is placed directly into the refrigerator. Frozen milk is stored in Lansinoh clear plastic baggies.

Current milk in freezer is no older than December 2019. 3-6 oz bags available. HBHB Verified Seller Account Member

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