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Buffalo, MN
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Colostrum rich (can see yellow color in frozen milk) milk; 142 ozs. Milk was pumped starting day after my son was born (12/22/18) until beginning of February and is extra. My son refuses to take a bottle, so is just sitting in our freezer. I do not take any drugs/disease free and milk is all dated. Taking Prenatals since still breastfeeding as well as Vitamin D, Iron 325 mg, pro-biotic, Vitamin C, and aspirin 81 mg/day. Milk is in storage bags as well as some bottles (Medela). Will ship once paid via PayPal. No men allowed to purchase breast milk. Buyer needs to pay shipping (per website). Let me know how you would like it packed. Diet is healthy (eat a lot of chicken and turkey, fruit and vegetables). Drink 2, sometimes 3 cups of coffee per day. Thank you!

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