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Whether you are looking to sell breast milk -or- if you're looking to buy breast milk because you're simply passionate about the highest quality nutrition found in breast milk - you are at the right place.  Here, you belong in a proactive community of providers and seekers of breast milk who understand the importance of clean, safe, and healthy breast milk. We have lots of helpful information easily located for everyone to find the guidance and support you need.

Buying Breast Milk? Browse through our ads then simply visit the ad that stands out to you and click on their user name to contact the seller or donor. Donors will follow the same method when responding to buyer ads.
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Happy Bellies, Happy Babies - where your privacy and safety really matters.


Verified Seller Accounts:
Verified Seller Account icons are shown on each Verified Sellers profile to help you easily see that the seller has been prescreened on their qualifications or statements they claim in their ads. This helps reduce worry or risk of buying from a seller. We do our best to make our community as safe as possible for both buyers and sellers and understand the importance of knowing you're buying breastmilk from the source that is clean and safe for baby.
Knowledgeable Sellers:
At HBHB we understand from personal experience the sensitive nature of buying, selling, and donating breastmilk along with the importance of knowing that your seller is also educated and trained in assuring your breast milk purchase arrives in a satisfactory condition.
We provide personal attention to helping provide many resources to our sellers so they have a lot of knowledge from the start. So whether a seller is a beginner with no prior knowledge or a guru at helping to provide families with their breast milk, you can count on our service to continue to provide necessary tools and resources to give both the sellers and buyers a more relaxed experience.


Verified Seller Account Sign-up:

All sellers can request a VSA icon for their profile to show potential buyers that documentation has been received and verified by HBHB and that the seller has been prescreened on their qualifications or statements they claim in their ads.
Approval Required Buyer Accounts :

We respect the time and effort that goes into selling and donating breast milk and know that sellers should only expect honest, friendly, and safe contact from buyers. We require all buyers to register an account and be approved to validate they are truly a real person that’s an honest buyer before they can respond to any ad.

Buyers & Sellers ———-

Best Value Pricing:
Choose from one of our Best Value Flexible Pricing Options designed with you in mind! Starting with our FREE 30 day ad options, or choose from our 60 day or 90 day value options for a convenient long term ad! You can also purchase a Premium Featured Ad to get more exposure!
 Get the most out of your Featured Ad:
Don’t lose out on featured ad run time due to other featured ads purchased after yours.
 With our service you get a featured ad that you can expect to gain the benefit of not having to worry about that ad being dropped off the Featured Section before your subscription expires due to newer featured ads being listed.
We also do not require ads to be pre-approved. This lets your ad get listed as soon as you pay for it. No waiting up to 48 hours or longer and losing out on the days you paid for because your ad had to wait for approval.
Clean Classified Listings:

Ads will be required to be renewed every 30, 60 days or 90 to help buyers save time on searching for available sellers and buyers. Everyone will be prompted to verify that their ad expires; if so, they can renew their ad for another 30, 60 days or 90 days.
Monitored Member Accounts:
Every member can trust that each member’s account is set up to provide safer listings. Listings can be flagged with a quick response time from admins. We are proactive at monitoring our site by quickly and efficiently taking any reports of questionable listings and transactions seriously. We have control over deleting ads and terminating any member who does not comply with HBHB terms of service.
Member Profiles:

All members will be able to build a profile that will help each buyer to find members that are a good match. We understand the worry a buyer and seller has when purchasing breast milk online. Having a profile will help each members to get to know their recipient or provider a little better in order to have a better connection with them.

We respect the privacy of all of our members, so the profiles are created by each member on what they would like it to show and state. We do not list last names on member profiles, even if the member puts their last name in their account under the last name field. We only show the first initial of a last name.. and only if member chooses to list their name.

Members can only view up to 4 member profiles each search; they cannot just view all members at once. This helps to keep all our other member profiles protected.

Organized, User Friendly, Informative, Website:

Find the answers and information you need quickly and with ease. We understand how stressful things can be with limited time to get the answers you need while trying to run a home, raise your children, and fit in (*a pumping and) feeding schedule while learning everything at the same time. For this reason as a mom, exclusive pumper, and donator of breast milk who understand the struggle, I designed this website to be simple to navigate and full of wonderful information to help you spend more time on doing and less time on figuring things out.
We even provide 'How-To Video's' for those who find watching videos more helpful. I myself love to watch videos for instruction as seeing sometimes just makes things easier to understand.
HBHB Resource Blog:
We provide current and informative information about breast milk, pumping, and much more related information to keep our members and followers current on things to know going on today. This includes any new safety and health reports with pumping and breastfeeding. Oh and some funny and cute articles when it comes to pumping and mommy-hood. ?
Happy Bellies, Happy Babies Facebook Page:
We keep our Facebook page active and have a fast response time. Get information on breast milk pumping and breast feeding plus other fun related articles and information. We also will have giveaways!
Breast Milk Share Community:
The purpose of the group is to bring together the community of ladies who wish to buy/sell/donate healthy and safe breast milk and be able to reach out to each other for guidance along the way.

We want to help make your journey to donate/receive breast milk a successful and supported one.. so whether you are selling or freely donating your breast milk , or you're in search of breast milk, you are welcome to share your tips or get advice from experienced donors and buyers.

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